Rockford Scanner™: Water Rescue Near Rockton

WATER RESCUE: Rockton Firefighters and Dive Rescue Personnel were called to the Rock River for a subject that was in the water and in distress. The call was received shortly after 7:30 Wednesday evening. Passerby’s heard her screams for help and called 911. A female subject (who was alone) had just launched her kayak from Settlers Park when she capsized just east of the railroad bridge in Rockton. She was unable to get back into the kayak but was able to throw her anchor allowing the vessel to remain stationary. In heavy water currents, she was clinging to the kayak when rescue personnel arrived and successfully removed her from the water. The kayak was retrieved as well. Fortunately, she was wearing a personal flotation device and was uninjured. Chief Wilson would like to remind those seeking adventure on the water to never boat alone.




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