Rockford Scanner™: Tanker Comments on Operation Exclusive

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Tanker Comments on Operation Exclusive
Rockford LE and govt have charged one madam and a bunch of 70-year-old johns with prostitution-related crimes. None of the prostitutes were charged.
It has been obvious, for many years, that the lingerie shops and massage parlors are houses of prostitution. Everybody knew it. Yet the city never took the simple step of zoning those shops out of existence; maybe our local “news” media can find out why the city never zoned them out, but I’m not holding my breath.
I live in 61104. Despite the success of Operation Exclusive, at this very moment I can drive a few blocks from my house and, within minutes, point out streetwalkers and pimps operating in the open. You don’t need to be Dick Tracy to find them. We don’t need to expend thousands of man-hours to investigate, find, and arrest them.
Our prosecutor says she’s getting “smarter” about this kind of crime, by which she seems to be saying that, in order to gain the trust and testimony of prostitutes, she will not charge them with the crimes they are committing. This seems wrong-headed to me, but I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t work in LE.
Having brought these charges, LE and Rockford govt can now, hopefully, refocus their resources on stopping the awful wave of anarchic lethal violence that plagues our city. I’m going to go way out on a limb here, and speculate that the citizens of Rockford are more afraid of our numerous mobile shooters, stick-up men, carjackers, and other violent fiends, than we are of prostitutes.
Time and again, for years, we’ve been assured that this deadly violence is primarily caused by “fifty to one hundred” known individuals, and Real Soon Now we will see them charged. Maybe now that the city has charged one madam and a gaggle of near-death old farts with sex crimes, they can get back to protecting us against the monsters that are SHOOTING AT US EVERY DAMN DAY!
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