Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Hold A Gun To The Teen Girls Head During A Robbery At A Rockford Bank

Source is reporting their daughter was robbed at gunpoint at a Rockford bank. 
Source said:
“My 16 year old had a gun held to her head over a backpack and a phone!
She knew who did this cause the perp went to school with her and her friends.
She was at a bank parking lot (5400 block of Harrison ave) so there should be a video of the incident.
(PNC bank)
She went straight to the police, but despite of all the information it seams like there where no arrests.
Just last month I had my phone taken from me, and the cops REFUSED to go with me and retrieve it despite of me having an address to where it was.
They told me that I would be better off making a claim with my phone company.
The crime is never going to get better IF criminals know that they can get away with it and not even be anonymous.
Thanks for your help!”




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