Rockford Scanner: Sources Spotted This Weird Object At Rock Cut State Park, Know What It Is?

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Update: Bryozoa

RS sources Sean Gehant and Derek Bates were out at Rock Cut State Park on Saturday, August 29 around 3 pm
on a kayak and spotted this weird looking object in the water.  They were on the North end of the lake, near the campground area when they spotted and filmed this weird looking object. 

He said : It looked like a squid or something that belongs in the ocean not freshwater. At first we thought it was a mushrooms or some type of fungus but then we thought it almost looked like a brain. We weren’t sure what to think.

We have reached out to the IDNR, but have not had any response back to us yet. 

Does anyone know what this weird looking object is?




Update: Bryozoa


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