Rockford Scanner: Sources Sent Us An Editorial To Post In Regards To Pet Safety



Anonymous source contacted us and asked if we could post this:

(start) An Appeal To Pet Owners

To pet owners who love their animals, and especially cat owners: please keep your pets inside your house! Do not let your cats roam outside. Rockford has plenty of speeders, drunk and drugged drivers, and cruel psychos who would love nothing more than to run over your animals. If you for some reason cannot keep your cats in your home, then please consider giving your pets to somebody who is able to care for them safely. Thank You.   (end)

Speaking of pets: We have had several reports of pets being locked inside hot vehicles on these hot days.  So with this editorial that was sent to us, I figured it would be a good time to add this topic into their editorial.  Please do NOT lock your pets inside vehicles, when it is hot outside.


If you have information on this, you can contact us at
We will keep you anonymous.

If you do not want to contact the police directly, you can contact us  and we will relay your information to the proper agencies if needed, and keep you anonymous.



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