Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Woman Has Been Arrested For Burglarizing Vehicles At A Local Business

RS Source sent us the following in reference to a possible burglary suspect at a local grocery store: 
”  Unsure of who she is. But I was leaving work today, when a few customers gathered by my vehicle caught my attention. They told me “there’s a girl hiding in the weeds down there” my first instinct was a child. So I got more detail and apparently this lady was caught going from car to car in Meijer parking lot stealing. Once I was told they caught her and she is hiding I started recording. I will be sending that footage as well. It has now been confirmed that she has been arrested. Unsure of what was taken out of the vehicles she had taken over $500 worth from Meijer prior to going into the vehicles. They were able to catch and arrest her this afternoon! ”




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