Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a few incidents (Video In Article)

Sources are reporting a few incidents:

  • “Retail theft around 4:30 today at the spirit Halloween in rockford. 2 Ladies and a toddler. They got away. But the cashier got the license plate and make and model of car”
  • “Kwik mart 7th & 11th ave, women fighting then started to walk away and then 2/3 guys started fighting going east on 11th ave, 1 female took shirt off and is running away in a bra.” ~   Video below by Paul Schumacher
  • “Do you by chance know what was going on @ the old Machesney Park mall / TLC? A bunch of cops came flying thru there & the crew working there said a  gentleman was in the bushes. “
  • “Huge police presence near School St. and Albert Ave neighborhood. Police all over the area lights and sirens going.”
  • 7 police cars at the West State Farm and Fleet




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