Rockford Scanner: Sources are reporting 2 events that are happening in the area on October 3rd



Sources are reporting 2 events that are happening in the area on October 3rd. 



The Event:
Fierce Youth Outreach is putting together “The Big 3 Tournament”. For ages 13-17. We will have 4 teams compete in 3 back to back games of Kickball, Basketball, and Flag football. The 4 teams will be split into 2 time frames in order to stay within covid-19 guidelines. First two teams will compete at 9am-12pm. Second team will compete at 1pm-4pm.

Covid-19 guidelines:
Due to Covid-19 we will be having our first group compete on October 3rd, 2020 from 9am to 12pm and our second group compete from 1pm-4pm. Each player will be allowed 1 parent or guardian to accompany them. Each team will have 1 coach. We will have 1 referee and 2 staff on site, for a maximum of 25 people at the event. This will allow us to abide by the city guidelines of a max of 25 persons. Parent will be able to spectate their child from designated areas 6ft away from other parents. Masks will be required for parents/guardians and an official representative will be their enforcing the CDC guidelines. All players will be required to sign liability waivers. Players will not be required to wear masks during game playing.

Social media presence.
With current guidelines in place limiting the amount of persons that can gather, we’re using our top social media influencers to share our live stream of the event at


Worldwide Predators Hunters presents “Our Children Are Not For Sale Rally”  at the federal courthouse.






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