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Below is a story that was sent to us.  Take your shoes off, kick back with your favorite beverage, turn the lights down and enjoy

My wife and I lived in what we thought was a haunted house for about a year back around the end of 2009 into 2010.
400 block of Calvin Park South was right at the bottom of that big hill and across from the park there.
From the day we moved into that place it felt like we were being watched and followed around the house.The first day was just me there, moving the furniture in because my wife had to work that day and we had put everything in the garage the night before so we could return the U-haul.
I started moving stuff into the house and had an eerie feeling that someone was just breathing down my neck to the point I had to set up the satellite radio just to break the silence. That seemed to work so I just thought maybe it’s just a weird feeling because it’s a new house and I kept working until my wife came home and didn’t have any other weird feelings that night.
Over the next couple of weeks I was experiencing weird stuff all the time but still thought I had to be imagining it.
Voices, mumbling stuff from the vents around the house, what sounded like a 70’s rock station playing music but just low enough you couldn’t tell what song it was, shadows moving around the house.Just about everything you hear in these kinds of experiences was happening there but I just tried to ignore it, told myself that my wife wasn’t having problems so it must be me.
Until we came home one afternoon together and both of us saw an old man standing in the side yard. We were coming down the hill towards the driveway and we could both see this old guy standing there. We both wondered who he was and as we got closer he kinda stepped back beside the house where the garage was and as we pulled up he was just gone.
There was nowhere he could have gone, he had to have been in his 70’s and would have had to crawl through a hedge to disappear like that. We were baffled.
Soon after that several more experiences happened to both of us. My wife saw the shadow of that same old guy in our house on the bathroom wall and came screaming out of there.
The end of the house where the living room, garage and basement were was always freezing cold even in hot months, and I mean uncomfortably, need a jacket cold.
The basement was absolutely terrifying..It had an old home bar/man cave from the 70’s down there so I thought it would make a cool hangout and put some of my stuff down there but it was so uncomfortable. Like someone just hated you being in there.  There was a track light system above the bar and I had replaced all the bulbs in it when we moved in. Every time I went down there and turned on the lights, one bulb would burst…I’d replace that one, then the next time I’d go down, the next bulb in line would pop…maybe it was electrical in nature but I replaced every bulb twice and it went in that sequence both times..
Another problem we had was things moving, disappearing and reappearing somewhere else and things that weren’t ours just popping up .My car keys disappeared for like 2 hours from the loose change/car keys/wallet bowl we kept in the kitchen. We searched the entire property several times only to finally find them hanging out of the front pocket of a messenger bag in a closet we didn’t really ever open for anything and I’d even checked there once for a just “in case” scenario and they weren’t there an hour before.
An unopened pack of Marlboro cigarettes appeared from nowhere on the kitchen counter, jammed in behind the microwave  .One time I came home and pulled the car in the garage and shut it off and closed the door, I turned the key back because I was listening to a comedy bit when I got home and wanted to hear the end of I was sitting in the driver’s seat with the car door open gathering up my stuff and getting ready to shut everything down and go inside, what sounded like an old man cleared their throat right next to my left ear and seriously made me jump out of my skin.
I got up immediately looking around, even ran around the outside of the house looking for anything to have made that sound and nothing! The mail carrier met me on my way out to get my wife from work and I kinda offhand mentioned that I thought the house might be haunted, she told me right then that one of her coworkers had told her that someone had committed suicide either in my house or somewhere on the property years ago, (I have no documentation of that but thought it was interesting)…
The last month we were there was probably the most vivid of experiences…I was straightening a rug in the front door entryway and leaned over to pull it straight when out of nowhere, what I can only describe as like a Star Wars force push, hit me in the side and threw me into the wall..By that time I was convinced there was another presence or several in the house and I got angry and started taunting it to show itself if it was going to start physically pushing me around..
I was a little agitated and freaked out and went into my bedroom to make a phone call…When I got off the phone I got up and walked out into the hallway and all the way down at the end, in my living room stood a man with his back to me.
.I can still see it in my head as vividly as that day…He was around my height, had a 50’s style greaser/Fonzie style haircut, white t-shirt, blue jeans, black leather belt, black leather shoes or motorcycle boots and he just stood there with his back to me…He was so solid and looked like a regular person just standing there so “Ghost” didn’t even occur to me, I thought someone was home invading me and turned to grab the phone for 911…
My head was turned for seconds to grab the phone and when I turned back he just vanished right in front of me…We found a new house soon after that but the last thing that happened was maybe even creepier than the guy in the living room…The very last night my wife and I spent in that house we had packed everything we owned into a U-haul and decided to just sleep on a bed pallet we made in the dining room and get up and drive to the new house in the morning..
We were both having problems getting to sleep because there was no ambient TV, no AC, no fan…just us laying there in silence but eventually we both fell asleep…around 3 in the morning I woke up to what sounded like conversation, music playing, people laughing, glasses clinking…all very distant but enough to wake you up in that silence…
I continued to listen for a minute and turn over to ask my wife if she could hear it only to be met with her wide awake and looking freaked out…first words out of her mouth were “Do you hear that? It sounds like someone having a party…”…I jump up “Yes! I’ve been hearing that for the last few minutes!”…I get up, look around the house for anything that could possibly sound like what we were hearing, nothing…I go outside and walk the entire property, no parties, nobody talking anywhere, dead silence…come back in the house, get down to the air vent and it’s still coming from the vent!
It sounded like whoever or whatever was in that house was celebrating us leaving!
Creepiest house in Rockford hands down from my experience.
.Anyway, that’s our story, hope you like it!




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