Rockford Scanner™: Shots Fired in Rockford, House Struck by Gunfire

UPDATE: As expected, Once again Judi Yehling (  has DENIED yet another Freedom Of Information Act request.
We requested the audio from the 911 and non emergency audio of the victims reporting these shots fired, and the police call taker/dispatcher telling the victims that “Shots fired was not an emergency, and they weren’t going to send any officers out to go collect shell casings”  as the victims told us that is what the police call taker/dispatch told them.
And as expected Judi Yehling, has yet again DENIED another one of our Freedom Of Information Act request.  Seems like a common thing with this woman and our FOIA requests. 
Police PROMISED the public transparency, when they encrypted. And yet they have not been so transparent since encrypting.  Hence the lack of info provided on scenes, all the FOIA requests DENIED.  Etc…
So much for transparency and providing the truth to the public and proving the call takers did “not” tell the victims that a shooting incident is not an emergency and they werent going to send anyone out to investigate.
We filed the FOIA request to prove or disprove what was said when the victims called to report the incident.
The victims (People reporting the shots fired)  said they were going to file a complaint with the Mayor and city on the incident and the call taker/dispatchers behavior. And also file their own FOIA request as well.

I want to first start off by saying thank you to the sources who contacted me on this story. Keep up the good work with SEE IT, SNAP IT, SEND IT!
Sources said several shots were fired near Winnebago and Johnathon around 10:30 pm.  Multiple people called the police to report the shots fired.  The reporting parties said the call-taker said they were not going to send anyone out, just to collect shell casings.  So the reporting parties called several times to get the police to come out to investigate and collect the shell casings in the roadway.  And the police call-taker said they weren’t going to send anyone out, because it was not an emergency.
So the reporting parties contacted me, to work the story.
Almost 2 hours after the shots were fired and police never showed up.
That is almost 2 hours of people walking through the scene, touching, driving through the scene, etc… 
BEFORE I even showed up to the scene to work the story. 

I arrived on scene and talked to the reporting parties. And then I filmed the scene and then did a live video. I did the live video approx. 12:15 am.
The police saw the live video, Then they responded within minutes. Shortly after I stopped the live video, the police arrived on scene because they saw the live video.
The officers said they were unaware of the scene. But yet multiple people called several times to the police, both 911 and non-emergency and the police call-taker never sent the officers out to investigate, until I did the live video.
When the officers pulled up I pointed to the shell casings so they knew where the scene was.  They got out and talked to the reporting parties and then began their evidence collecting and investigation.
Police later released the following info:
On Saturday, August 24th, 2019 at approximately 10:44 pm Rockford Police Officers were dispatched to the area of N. Winnebago St. and Jonathan Ave. for a call of shots fired. Officers located spent shell casings near the intersection and located an occupied residence at 3200 N. Winnebago St. struck by gunfire. No injuries reported.
No suspect information.
This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact the Rockford Police Department @ (815) 966-2900 or Rockford Crimestoppers @ (815) 963-7867




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