Rockford Scanner: Shooting victim on Rockford East-side

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Rockford Police working a shooting scene at 3rd and Pope


Shooting scene in Rockford Illinois




I have tried to contact the Rockford Police Department several times in reference to this scene to get information. Rockford Police Department are not saying anything at this time.

Sources have told us that there’s three shooting victims. One of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. (Shot in the head)

The alleged suspect vehicle is a blue truck. Witnesses are reporting two different caliber weapons were used during the incident.

Witnesses are reporting they heard approximately 20 gunshots.

Again we cannot confirm this. We have tried on several different occasions to contact the Rockford Police Department in reference this incident to confirm it.

And they are not releasing any information.

Sources are reporting a shooting victim.

It happened around 2:50 AM in the area of Pope and 3rd in Rockford.

There is at least one shooting victim at this location. Possibly multiple victims.

It is not yet known and the severity of the injuries or any suspect information.

still developing


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