Rockford Scanner™: Several Shootings Last Night, Suspects Run From Police & Get Away

Sources are reporting several shooting incidents in the Rockford and surrounding areas overnight.  

  • Tan Buick Sedan is the suspect vehicle in the Gregory st shooting.  The suspect had a black gun with a high capacity drum magazine.
  • 2004 N 4th st just after 2 am (Not in police call logs), numerous shots were fired and a suspect vehicle fled from police.    Suspect vehicle is a Tan Corolla with a plate of BQ64688 that comes back to an address on S 1st st.  (This might be related to a shooting in the 2100 block of 10th st as well)
  • Sources are reporting several shots near Wagon Wheel near Rockton, and a light colored vehicle fleeing down RT 2 afterwards
  • Shots were fired in the area of Kishwaukee and Broadway.  (Note: Probably related to the Gregory scene)
  • Guilford & Perryville approx 15 shots were heard, no suspect information.
  • Orth rd and Harlem approx. 4 gunshots were heard.
  • 600 block of Bluff rd in S Beloit, approx. 9 shots were heard.

We have been told overall there are 3 possible shooting victims from all these scenes. As you know the local police are encrypted and have not released any information. If they do, we will update this.





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