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This next story comes from a local security guard who was patrolling a local mental health facility in the area.

Several Police Officers & Security Go Running For Their Lives, When They Encounter A Paranormal Experience in A Local Mental Health Facility

“In December 2016, I was assigned to secure a mental health facility in Rockford. We were located across the street from sheriff station.
My shift was over night hours. On December 16th at 3 am I was working my rounds on all 10 floors. When I had gotten between 3rd and 4th floor my radio begins to come alive.
Listening to the broken garble, I did not recognize the voice at all. Not from staff, nor any agency. I squawked back, please identify yourself. Voice comes 10 seconds later,”hahahaha. Shhhhhhh….identify yourself!”
I felt my massive muscular legs turn into pudding in an instant. I tried to catch my breath, I said,”This is Security Officer Starry. ” not a second later the little voice says,”Come find me..Haha!”
I frantically began to search the 3rd floor. Nothing. Once I got to the 4th floor, papers began to fly in the offices.
I radioed to the 1st floor to contact pd for disturbance in the floor. Possible multiple persons looting building. I raced to the 1st floor.
I waited less than 2 minutes police arrived. All 8 of them.
I explained what I observed. We had 4 going up stairs to one end, 4 in elevator including myself to the other end and catch them, whomever.
We searched all the offices and just paper every where. When the officers were leaving the 4th floor to the elevator, all of the office doors slammed so hard, we all heard next”Get out! Get out! This is my floor!”
I have never seen 8 cops scramble down 4 flights so fast. Last officer tells me, Its your problem now.
I avoided 4th floor for the duration of my tour at that mental health institution.
A few months later they moved to a new location. ”
Security Officer S.




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