Rockford Scanner™: Several Officers & Police K-9 Working A Scene Across The Street From A Local School

Sources were reporting a scene near Sunset and Mulberry on Rockford’s West side just before noon today. 
Several police officers and a police K-9 were working the scene. 

It is across the street from Lewis Lemon School. Unknown if the school has went on lockdown or not.
(Update: They were on lockdown, but has since been lifted according to the RPS 205)
We have been told the RPD is searching for a suspect. Unknown right now what the suspect has done.  No suspect description at the time of writing this. 
I was at the scene, but it was a very active scene so I did not ask any of the officers what had happened. Due to it still being a very active scene. 
I however did call the media line, and like usual I got no answer.  And the RPD has not yet released any information.
I have emailed the RPD PIO Christie Castillo to get information on the scene and she has not yet responded back to me. 
So it is unclear exactly what happened. All I can confirm right now is several officers working a scene across the street from Lewis Lemon School at Sunset and Mulberry. 
Nothing in the call logs about any scenes on Sunset or Mulberry. but there is a call several blocks South on Webster as an “In Progress Person”




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