Rockford Scanner: Several Officers From Several Jurisdictions Working A Scene At The Mall

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UPDATE:  The CVPD said there was a fight and a gun was displayed. And there were no injuries and the lockdown has been lifted and there will be a heavy police presence at the mall.

Several sources at the mall are reporting that the mall is on lockdown. And that officials have told them it is an “active shooter scene”   And that a black male wearing a mask and armed with a gun was on the top level of the mall. And that several officers from several jurisdictions are on scene.  No reports of shots being fired, only that there was an armed suspect.

Sources are reporting a scene at the Cherryvalle Mall around 2:20 pm today. 

Several officers from several jurisdictions are working a scene at the mall. 

We have been told there is an armed suspect at the mall. 

As you know, CVPD are encrypted and never release any information. 





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