Rockford Scanner: Rollover Accident With Possible Extrication Needed

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Sources are reporting a bad accident. 

It happened around 9 pm near Auburn and Springfield. 

Reports of a bad accident near this location. 

A vehicle involved has rolled over. 

Possible extrication needed. 

Vehicle has also hit a utility pole. 

Injuries were being reported.
Sources are reporting the victim has a bad head injury. 

Still developing. 

Update: Police have shut down the roadway to investigate the accident.

RS source sent us the following: ” My husband just helped a woman who flipped in her white van 8 times by auburn high school an said it looked bad bad as well as a child shoe in roadway but no child was found he just left to go back to the the scene an check in the woods seeings police made him leave the scene an he was trying to help keep the woman stable an find the child please update if a child was found my husband is freaking out about a child an understandable police were trying to do their job but a shoe in roadway their has to be a child some where    ”

Photo by RS source

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