Rockford Scanner™: possible strong arm robbery on the east side

Just after 11 p.m. tonight several Rockford police officers were on scene near 7th Street and 11th Avenue. The Rockford Police had two people detained. The one officer said this was a possible strong arm robbery but not yet confirmed they were doing an investigation. No other information at this time.

Update via source: They didn’t get much but a phone and money. They actually answered the phone on accident in which I sat on the phone listening to their conversation for 33 minutes. I called the police as well as my uncle. I heard them walk into Quick Mart on 7th st, that’s when I told my uncle to check the area. My uncle then noticed the two suspects sitting on the stairs next to paymaster pawn on 7th. As soon as the police arrived to the suspects we as well as one offer whom stayed behind to talk to us heard the officers pull up and communicate with the suspects via the stolen phone.




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