Rockford Scanner™: Possible Fatal Accident, Motorcycle vs Child Near Roscoe/Machesney Park


Confirmed fatal.  A man has passed away. The child is expected to be OK. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Sources are reporting a possible fatal accident near Roscoe/Machesney Park area. 
It happened around 7 pm near 251 and Prairie ln. 
That is near the 251 and Forest Hills area.
An accident involving a motorcycle and a child. 
One of the victims, they are doing CPR on. 
At least 2 ambulances are on scene. 
Avoid the area for several hours.  
This is a very serious accident. 
RS Source said: ” motorcycle accident was a dad and his 15 yr old daughter in the back. They hit a parked vehicle and they skidded down the street. Father was deceased before ambo left scene”




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