Rockford Scanner™: Positive News in Loves Park

Rebecca A. sent us the following:

With all the crap that’s been happening lately, I thought I’d share something positive with you. If you don’t share it, I won’t be upset because I didn’t see all of it and I don’t know all the details. Anyway:
Today around 11:40 A.M. I was grabbing lunch. I came to the stoplight at Riverside and Forest Hills Rd. There I saw a lady in the road helping an elderly woman pushing a 2-wheeled cart. A man in a suit also came to her aid and walked on the other side of her. There was a vehicle in the entrance of the vacant Hardee’s that must have belonged to one of the good Samaritans. They must have given the woman a ride to wherever she was heading because I didn’t see any of them on my way back to work just a couple minutes later. Sure brought a smile to my face. Thank you to the nice people that stopped to help!”



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