Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating More Threats To A Local School

Dear BHS & BSMS Parents,
Today we were made aware of a possible gang threat regarding this Friday’s football game between Belvidere High School and Rockford Auburn High School at Auburn. Our School Resource Officer and administration have been in contact with Auburn officials, who are collaborating with the Rockford Police Department. Auburn has shared updates on their investigation as well as security measures they intend to take to ensure a safe event for all. As is normal practice for away football games, Belvidere High School administration will be present for this Friday’s contest.
We will remain in communication with Auburn and provide an update to BHS families and students tomorrow.
Please take a moment and remind your children that making any threat on a public school, business or other establishment is never a joke. I urge you to talk to your children now and impress upon them the seriousness of threats in today’s society.
I also encourage you to talk with your child about the importance of reporting suspicious activities, threats or disturbing information to a trusted adult. Students need to be aware that law enforcement agencies are taking these threats very seriously and are pursuing prosecution even when such incidents are intended as pranks.
We appreciate when you, or your child, become aware of these threats and notify authorities either through your local police department or the school.
Thank you,
Billy Lewis
Principal, Belvidere High School




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