Rockford Scanner: Police investigating A Shooting Incident in Janesville



On 09-13-20 at about 9:30pm the Janesville Police Department responded to reports of gun shots in the area of South Main Street and Clark Street.

Multiple people in the area reported hearing 7-8 gunshots and vehicles accelerating out of the area.

As a result of the investigation, officers located shell casings in the roadway of 100 block of Clark Street.

One residence was occupied when it was struck with a bullet from the incident. Officers did not locate or get any reports of anyone being injured in the area.

Witness statements and exterior video surveillance revealed two vehicles were involved in some type of road rage incident in which gun fire was exchanged between the two vehicles. One vehicle is a newer, silver hatchback car similar to a Subaru. The second vehicle is a newer, blue car with dark tinted windows similar to Acura TSX. The blue vehicle also has loud or modified exhaust.

This incident is still under investigation. If anyone has any information or exterior video surveillance regarding this incident we encourage you to call dispatch at 608-757-2244


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