Rockford Scanner: Police Chase With possible Shooting Victims



Several sources are reporting numerous emergency personnel working a scene.

We held off on posting about it, in hopes of police transparency.

But after several hours, it appears that they are not going to release any information on the scene.

We can only tell you what has been told to us, since police have not released any information on this scene.

Several reports of possible multiple shooting victims on scene.

Sources said there was a police chase just prior, and that it ended up near Blaisdell.

RS can only confirm many emergency personnel were working a scene.

Police are encrypted and haven’t released any information.

And we can only post what information that has been provided to us  and that is: a police chase and shortly afterwards multiple shooting victims.

This scene was not posted in the police call logs, you can check for yourself.

RPD Call Logs ~
Winnebago Call Logs  ~

If you feel police are being non transparent after encrypting,  you can call the police department and mayor to voice your concerns. REMEMBER  THIS IS ELECTION YEAR! 

Video from the scene from a RS source



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