Rockford Scanner™: Pedestrian Was Struck By A Vehicle in Loves Park, Possible Fatal



Sources said he walked to Walmart to buy a camera he wanted. And while he left Walmart he was stopped by police, because they noticed he had a disability and was alone. And the teen fled from police because he was scared. And shortly afterwards, was hit and killed on E Riverside. RPD and LPPD were on scene of the accident.
Details and Support

Several sources were reporting a very serious accident in Loves Park. 
It happened on E Riverside near Renn Hart Hills, around 1 am
A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle.   
RS Source Joseph D. said a male subject (possibly a teen) was struck by 2 vehicles and killed. 
He said the young teen only had on pajamas, no shoes or shirt. 
He said the 2 vehicles did not stop, so this is an alleged fatal hit & run 
The police had the area blocked off from Hiatt to what appeared to be Pebble Creek.   
The pedestrian was struck by the vehicles in the west bound lanes of traffic in the 1800 block of E Riverside, near Renn Hart Hills.
 Police have yet to confirm this. 




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