Rockford Scanner™: One Person Shot In the Head, 2 Victims Shot At A Party in Rockford

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RPD released the following:  1300 REVELL: Victim was in the residence when suspect(s) shot into house striking victim. No suspect information at this time. RPD is on scene of a shooting in the 1300 block of Revell Ave. 1 victim was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Note: Sources have told us there was 2 victims. 1 shot in the head and another one victim that was grazed.

Sources are reporting a shooting victim in Rockford. 

Initial reports are saying there was a party in the 1300 block of Revell ave in Rockford around 10:50 pm, when a suspect fired off several rounds.

At least one person has been shot. Another shooting victim. So a total of at least 2 victims so far.

At the time of writing this, it is not yet known on the severity of the injuries.

The male in his 30’s was shot in the back of the head. Unknown on the 2nd victim.

No suspect information at this time. Still developing.

Disclaimer: As you know the local police have encrypted, have not released any information, etc…
They rarely ever do release information to the public, since encrypting. So do not expect any updates.

The information that is posted was provided to us via various sources. So we can not guarantee the accuracy of this article.

We can only provide you the information that IS provided to us. If police and/or officials do release information, we will try to update this.
If you know of any corrections or errors, please contact us.

This is for entertainment purposes only. 

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