Rockford Scanner™: Numerous police working two different scenes, Still developing

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Guard rail dragged from the North side to the South side of the creek.

Crashed vehicle on the tow truck

Crashed vehicle on the HAAS tow truck

Update: The incident began in the 3300 block of 11th st.  RPD call log shows it as an “In progress”   Several reports are reporting to us that it was a shooting incident.  But officials have not confirmed anything yet.  The vehicle then fled from that scene and crashed in the 2900 block of Bildahl at the creek.  The vehicle crashed through a guardrail on the North side and went airborne and almost cleared the creek on the otherside, all while dragging the guardrail.  All the airbags were deployed in the vehicle. The suspect(s) then fled from the vehicle on foot and police setup a police perimeter and used a police K-9 to assist. It is unknown if the suspect(s) were taken into custody, or still on the loose. Admin Will said the license plate on the vehicle appeared to be from Wisconsin. Officials has only confirmed they were working an “in progress” call. If they release information, we will update this.

Several sources are reporting to different scenes that involve multiple police officers at each scene.

We are getting reports that there was a possible police chase that a car wreck, then the suspects fled on foot in the area of Bildahl & Reed.

Unconfirmed reports said it may have involved a shooting.

Reports of numerous officers have a police perimeter set up in the neighborhood.

The second scene is reported to be near  the Rockford police district 3 headquarters on New towne.

Reports of a similar situation.   Numerous police are searching the area and have the police perimeter.

The Rockford Police Department has not yet released any information  on the incidents or suspects.

Check back later for possible updates.

Guard rail originally was on the North side.

Fence damaged

Tow truck driver working the damage guardrail debris

Vehicle being towed from the scene

RS source

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