Rockford Scanner: Shooting Incident With An Accident, 3 Victims Transported

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Photos by RS source Warren Burgess

Sources are reporting multiple shooting victims at a scene in Rockford.

It happened around 7:35 pm near Spring Creek and Parkview.

Reports of 2 shooting victims.  (Unknown on their condition)
Reports of 2 shooting victims and 1 that needed transport due to the accident.
RPD has not confirmed anything yet.

Also there is an auto accident nearby, that is possibly related to this.

Still developing.  Check back later for updates.

Update from the RPD: Accident investigation with shots fired: 1 car was struck by gunfire while in traffic @ Springcreek and Parkview Ave. Three vehicles were then involved in a traffic crash. No serious injuries but 3 adults were transported to local hospitals for treatment. RPD has all involved.

Source is reporting: “Large police scene Parkview and Spring Creek. Heard 6-7 gun shots and then a loud boom. 7 police cars on scene ambulance just arrived. ”

Source is reporting: ” Springcreek, heading west toward Auburn, just before the northbound exit is completely closed. ”



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