Rockford Scanner™: Mother Wants To Thank Everyone Who Assisted With Her Children's Accident in Rockford

From Kristi McKenzie, in reference to the car accident that occurred on May 15th, 2019 on S main and Elmwood Road
“On May 15th 2019 my children where involved in a horrible accident on Elmwood Rd and  Main in Rockford Il. I first want to thank all the people who stopped and helped my kid’s.
The investigation is still ongoing so I have no idea who people are that helped. Can you please post this and let all the people who helped and prayed for my children I have not forgotten you.
But I am now ready to put all the pieces together, if anyone took pictures or was there with my kid’s, please PM me.  I’m not looking for legal reasons, only mom reasons and to personally thank them with a hug. Thank you RFD, RPD and to every Dr and Nurse at Javon Bea Hospital who saved my little guy’s life.
Thank you Rockford and all the other communities that prayed, sent cards and called. Thank you Mr. Traeger for keeping us all informed.”




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