Rockford Scanner™: Many Vehicles Getting Stuck, Do Not Drive Unless You Have too

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Brooke Road Services




Sources are reporting numerous vehicles have been getting stuck, due to the poor road conditions. 

Reports of large snow drifts that are several feet high and also very slippery roadways are the cause most of the incidents, sources are reporting. 

We have been told that the local police agencies have been pleading with the county to get out and salt and plow,  but the county told the police that they refuse to come out now and will come out more towards the morning hours. 

There are reports of several citizens with plows, that have been trying to assist the police in the meantime.

Reports of several people stranded inside vehicles and rescue personnel are not able to reach some of the people stranded. 

We have been told the areas out in the country are worst. Some said that the area South of Pecatonica is horrible. 

If you need to travel overnight and into the morning, please drive slow and allow extra time. 

Use caution if you need to travel. 




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