Rockford Scanner™: Man Holds Police At Bay in Rockford, While Standing On Garage Roof

Just before 9 pm tonight several officers were working a scene on the West side. 
It happened on Central, just North of School st.
Initial reports are saying there is a suicidal subject with a hand injury near this location.
The man climbed up on top of his garage and was screaming at the police. He was saying he just wanted to be left alone. The man had experienced a tragedy recently. He told the police to get off his property.  And was screaming other things at the police as well.
(Some we can not put in the article, we will just say he wasn’t happy with the police being there)
Several officers had the garage surrounded.
Around 11:30 pm, the scene was clear.
Unknown how the man came down.
Note: This call was not logged into the the RPD call log.




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