Rockford Scanner™: ICE Raids in Rockford

Kerry Tatlow sent us the following:
I wrote to the Rockford mayor and asked him about his recent statement “Rockford Police will never help ICE serve raids” as reported by WREX.

Rockford participates in nationwide immigration protests and vigils

( Local leaders, like Mayor Tom McNamara spoke at the event. Mayor McNamara says that Rockford Police will never help ICE serve raids while he is mayor.)
He replied “our police department WILL work with the Federal Government as we are NOT a Sanctuary City.. .We will work with the Feds when there is a warrant. But if there is no warrant and they are simply doing raids and sweeps we will not participate as this is the Federal Governments job not a local police departments job.”
This is an important and substantial clarification of the quote that was reported.




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