Rockford Scanner™: Fireball Meteor Above The Skies Of Rockford, Seen All Way Down To Texas

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Sources are reporting they saw a fireball meteor in the skies above Rockford tonight around 9 pm.  

We did a search online, and it appears that the fireball was seen by numerous people from Illinois all the way down to Texas.

Someone near St. Louis posted a video of it on Youtube.

Northern Taurids meteor shower is tonight, tonight is its peak.

The Taurids are an annual meteor shower, associated with the comet Encke. The Taurids are actually two separate showers, with a Southern and a Northern component. The Southern Taurids originated from Comet Encke, while the Northern Taurids originated from the asteroid 2004 TG₁₀. Wikipedia


Disclaimer: As you know the local police have encrypted, have not released any information, etc… 

The information that is posted was provided to us via various sources. So we can not guarantee the accuracy of this article.

We can only provide you the information that IS provided to us. If police do release information, we will try to update this.
If you know of any corrections or errors, please contact us.

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