Rockford Scanner ™: Business Closures By The Winnebago County Health Department





 I’m sure most have you may have heard by now from other sources that the WCHD (Winnebago County Health Department) shut down, that is, the Orders of Closure, for at least currently 3 local businesses.

The businesses ordered to close were Neighbors Bar and Grill located at 7745 Forest Hills Road in LP,

Fozzy’s Bar and Grill located at 6246 E Riverside in LP,

And Doc’s Diner located at 6499 N 2nd in LP.


In the Order of Closure notices the local businesses received from the health department it said this:

“A reasonable belief exists that the premises identified in this Order has engaged or is suspected of engaging in a significant amount of activity likely to spread the following dangerously contagious or infectious disease: COVID-19.”



I know the site is running slow right now and for that I apologize. I know this is a hot topic right now among us, our fellow Americans, and I know none of you are shy. lol

But we can be civil in just responding whether you agree with this or not. Please no hatefulness towards each other. We have enough of that to last a lifetime in Rockford.

These are strange times my friends….

And we gotta live it together.

Lets agree to disagree but let’s have a opinion. We all matter.


I have personally seen some of these businesses owners already say they are NOT going to comply with a order that has no standing.




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