Rockford Scanner™: At Least One Shooting Victim, Still Developing

Sources are reporting a shooting. 

At least one person has been shot. We have been told a woman approx. 39-years-old was shot in the head.
There were children outside, when the shooting happened.
Children witnessed the shooting.
The victim was transported to a local ER. That ER is currently on lockdown.
It happened near Broadway and 24th.
The victims condition we have been told, is life threatening injuries.
But RPD has yet to confirm this.
When the shots rang out, there were at least 2 gunshots heard. Then someone screaming “Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God”
Teachers at the nearby daycare grabbed the children that were outside, and brought them inside to safety.
RPD has yet to release suspect information.
We have been told it is a black male, no shirt, driving a 4 door Nissan. RPD has yet to confirm this as well.




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