Rockford Scanner™: Another Call Not Logged Into The Police Call Logs, Sources Said Another Armed Robbery.

UPDATE: RPD released information on this incident

Sources were reporting several officers working a scene on the East side around 1 am near Southworth and Hamilton. 
Note: There was a robbery in the area earlier, near Sawyer. (CLICK HERE) 
I went to work the scene and saw the police transport van, and several officers on scene.  
It is unclear what happened.   We were told there was another robbery near this location. And sounds like the suspects are possibly on a robbery spree. But RPD has not confirmed this.
(Or release any information, or log this scene into their call logs) 

They have not logged this call into their police call logs. 

So it unknown what happened.
RPD is encrypted and have not released any information on this scene. 




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