Rockford Scanner™: Another Big Cat Sighting in The Area

Internet photo of a mountain lion

As you know recently several sources have reported seeing a mountain lion in the area recently. We have made a few articles on the sightings in the past. (See our website) 

We have gotten another report of a sighting of it.

This sighting  was near Pepper Drive and Applewood.

Sources said they saw a big cat in the area.   They also stated that they called the police to report it.

“We called non-emergency police and they said they can’t do anything, nor will DNR. But they said they have had other reports in Rockford recently as well.” ~ Source told us.

As you know there have been several reports of a large cat sighting in our area recently.

There have been reports of a lot of wildlife being in areas they normally are not.

If you see any of these animals, please use extreme caution!

These are wild animals, and should be treated as such.

If you see a mountain lion:
  1. Stay calm. Hold your ground or back away slowly. …
  2. Do not approach a lion. Never approach a mountain lion especially one that is feeding or with kittens. …
  3. Do not run from a lion. Running may stimulate a mountain lion’s instinct to chase. …
  4. Do not crouch down or bend over.

If you have spotted it, we would like to hear from you!

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We will keep you anonymous.

If you do not want to contact the police directly, you can contact us  and we will relay your information to the proper agencies if needed, and keep you anonymous.

Disclaimer: As you know the local police have encrypted, have not released any information, etc…
They rarely ever do release information to the public, since encrypting. So do not expect any updates.

The information that is posted was provided to us via various sources. So we can not guarantee the accuracy of this article.

We can only provide you the information that IS provided to us. If police and/or officials do release information, we will try to update this.
If you know of any corrections or errors, please contact us.

This is for entertainment purposes only. 



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