Rockford Scanner™: An online petition has popped up to save the PICU at Mercy Health/Javon Bea

An online petition has popped up to save the PICU at Mercy Health/Javon Bea

You can view it and sign it at ~ CLICK HERE

We did a story on it recently at ~ CLICK HERE

The online petition says:

Mercy Health System in a historically contested move due to non-compete concerns bought out Rockford Health System and Rockford Memorial Hospital 5 years ago.  In that move, they accepted responsibility for community leadership and the health and welfare of the community around them.  They constructed a 400 million some dollar hospital for “Women & Children Health Services.”  Mercy Health System touts on their website:


“ July 1, 2018, Mercyhealth became the only state-designated children’s hospital in northern Illinois. Mercyhealth earned this designation from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services because of the wide range of children’s services we offer:

”Highest level emergency/trauma services, including 24/7 adult and pediatric trauma surgeons

The highest level of neonatal and pediatric servicesOver 55 pediatric and neonatal doctors in 29 pediatric specialties
52-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
A Small Baby Unit to care for infants less than 27 weeks’ gestation (one of two in Illinois)
Level II Pediatric Trauma Center (1 of 6 in Illinois)
State of Illinois-designated Children’s Hospital (only one in northern Illinois)
Pediatric Critical Care Center (1 of 10 in Illinois), including a pediatric intensive care unit“


They recently announced to and broadsided the community and staff by outlining a catastrophic decision to close the ONE and ONLY operating Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in the region along with further plans to cut services to child life therapists and other contributing services (Doctors, Nurses, unit support staff).
This is extremely dangerous and children/families will only have options of being transported to larger metropolitan areas for care in the midst of Pediatric care emergencies.  That is valuable time they may not have!!
Meanwhile CEO Javon Bea is being paid in excess of 8 million per year in addition to other frivolous financial decisions.
Some Staff in these departments have devoted some 30+ years of their lives and career to caring for this at-risk population and community in the midst of true emergencies.

We are asking that local and state governing agencies recognize the serious nature of what Javon Bea and their health board intend while they have cut off numerous sources of funding like Medicaid and community widespread insurance plans that region-wide Women and Children belong to!!

We demand local and state governing health agencies as well as the original approval oversight for the sale of RMH and its subsidies change this decision by working with the hospital and making it an offense to close the PICU.

The Pediatric and local at risk community deserve care at the highest level of expertise possible!  Chicago and Madison are too far for these families!  Please sign this petition in solidarity for the community and move law and legislation around it to prevent this hole that Mercy Health should never have been allowed to create.


Patients over Profits, Mercy Health/Javon Bea!!


You can view it and sign it at ~ CLICK HERE

We did a story on it recently at ~ CLICK HERE

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