Rockford Scanner: Airplane Crashes Into A Vehicle Near Cottonwood Airport in Rockford

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RS note for future reference: Airplane crashes are labeled as “Investigation non specific”

From the plane owner: The airplane did NOT crash into a vehicle. The vehicle hit the left wingtip, failed the left gear and drove up onto the left wing spinning the plane 80 degrees. The plane was landing, not taking off. It had been flying to the north. Had an engine failure and dead sticked in from 5 miles north. No chance for a go around. Landed long and hot. Wet grass poor braking.


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Sources are reporting a bad accident on Auburn st.

An airplane has crashed into a vehicle on Auburn st, at Cottonwood Airport.

Injuries were being reported, unknown on the severity of the injuries.

4 people injured, 1 person was transported according to sources at WSFD

Several emergency personnel and HAZMAT are reported to be on scene.

It appears that it took out the fence at the end of the runway, and then went onto Auburn st where it crashed into a vehicle.

The aircraft is registered to an address on BRIAR LN in NW Rockford.
The type of aircraft is a AURIGA, a Fixed Wing Single-Engine aircraft.

The pilot the plane is registered to is local and owns 2 aircraft.
So the pilot is an experienced pilot.
(If the pilot of this plane in the accident, was the registered owner flying it today)

Source said: ” It was a engine failure landing south and ran out of runway”

FAA is investigating.  Still developing.




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