Rockford Scanner™: A Helicopter Doing A Search Pattern Over A Local Park.




Sources are reporting a helicopter doing a search pattern in Winnebago County. 

Sources at the Rock Cut State Park are reporting a helicopter that is doing a search pattern over the Rock Cut State Park.

It is currently ongoing as 2:45 pm.

The helicopter has been going in a East/West search pattern, starting at the South end of the park near Harlem rd and has been going back and forth slowly moving North going towards 173.

It is unknown if it is doing a search pattern for a missing person,
Or if they are doing high resolution aerial photography of the whole park.

Sources at the park said it appears they are searching for someone, more than it is  aerial photography.

All we can confirm is a helicopter is doing a search pattern over Rock Cut State Park.

Sources have told us the helicopter is doing the search pattern at approx. 1400 feet and is moving at approx. 28 mph as it does the search pattern over the park.

Officials have not released any information, if they do we will update this.

As you know there are several local men that are missing.  It is unknown if it is related to these missing men or not.
But worth re-sharing the photo below to help keep these local men fresh in your minds, so if you see them, call the police.

Credit: Terri Melendrez




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