Rockford Scanner™: 2 Scenes: possible Business Raided in Rockford, Female Restrained In The Road in Machesney park

Sources are reporting 2 different scenes earlier today.

  • Sources said  approx. 20 police officers at or near the Boost Mobile on Auburn. They said it appeared to be a raid at the business.  We have tried to get info. from the RPD on the incident, but we have yet to hear back from them. We will update this, as more info. becomes available.
    UPDATE: RPD said they were unaware of any police activity there.  Witnesses said approx. 20 officers on scene.  We had numerous reports of the officers on scene. But RPD is saying they aren’t aware of any scenes there or near there.
  • Several officers were on scene near the Burger King in Machesney Park on Roosevelt. Sources said a person had a female restrained in the roadway near this location, until police arrived.  Police have not released any information.

Update: Deitrich T. said:  “I drove past the Boost on Auburn and the guys I saw standing outside had ‘Federal Agent’ on their vests”
After we posted this article  Kevin F.  said: “Secret service was on the corner of Broadway and 7th around noon…… closed down a corner store. Agents inside were putting everything in the store in evidence bags.”




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