Paranormal: Source Tells Us About Their Paranormal Experiences While Living In A Haunted House on The East Side


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My Husband, Children and I moved to a house on Broadway a few years back near (address edited for privacy) and we had all experienced some very creepy paranormal activity.

Day 2 of being moved in husband went off to work and children to school. An hour had gone by while I was standing in the kitchen putting dishes away and a cup from across the room in the strainer flies past my head nearly hitting me. I tried to put it out of my head as I was pretty exhausted from work the night before and the windows were open.

2 weeks into living in this house doors would close in the basement and no one would be down there. Our dog (a Shepherd) was terrified of going down there. She would sit at the top of the stairs and look down and just whine. I should mention the basement had a very creepy room off to the back of the old cellar area with a really old lock on it. This basement had 2 sections..1 side was finished and the other was not.

A few months living in this house and again my husband is at work and our kids at school. I’m a night-shift worker and was extra tired so decided to snooze on the couch. I was just about to fall asleep when something slapped the back of my head so hard it immediately gave me a headache. At this point I’m extra creeped out so I left until my husband got home from work.

A year goes by and at this point my children are telling me that they’ve seen multiple apparitions and begin having a hard time sleeping in their rooms so we allow them to slumber in our oldest child’s room. At one point my husband and I move our room to the finished basement section that’s basically a large bedroom. This is when I began seeing an old lady in the middle of the night. The first time I tried convincing myself I was seeing things, but the second time I was frozen in a state of shock as this figure that was pale as a white horse in some sort of nightgown slowly walks past me up the basement stairs and towards the kitchen area. I never told my husband about this.

A few years into all kinds of freaky things going on and I just can’t take anymore. I was having VERY dark nightmares. Seriously DARK! Things scarier than any Hollywood horror film imaginable. It got so bad that I was having night terrors and my husband said I would wake up screaming while trying to climb up the wall as if trying to get away from something. The last figure I saw in that house was so scary it chills me to the bone even to this day. We finally bailed.

6 months after leaving that house my husband tells me that he had seen an old lady pale as fresh snow in a nightgown a few times and also mentions that he too was having very vivid nightmares and that just validated that what I had been seeing was not something from my imagination. He says that he never told me because he didn’t want to scare me. I believe that house is haunted by multiple entities. This story is the real deal. That house is constantly vacant. When we left we took the bare minimal.




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