Mayor Says He Needs The Community’s Help To Combat Crimes, But Yet Lies And Hides Things From The Public…




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What I am about to post, some may not agree with.

But it is the TRUTH. 

Recently the Rockford Mayor put up a challenge in reference to crime.

Rockford Mayor said this:
“Crime is our COMMUNITY’s challenge. We must ALL work together to make Rockford a safer place to live, work, play, go to school and operate a business. If we choose to be silent, it will only lead to more violence.”

Apparently the mayor and police feels that 30 eyes and ears of the officers on the streets, are more effective that 150,000 eyes and ears of the community with scanners.

So when a crime happens, the suspect ONLY has to worry about being seen by police only. Since  the last several years the scanners have been encrypted and the public are not able to listen to it and help effectively combat crime.

The #1 most effective tool, to help combat crime.
The mayor and police took away.

That tool is THE PUBLIC’s eyes and ears. 
(And trust since encrypting…)

How many neighborhood watches are still around?
Last I heard, that number was ZERO, since police encrypted.

When scanners were un-encrypted, people would hear the suspect description and see the suspect and call the police to tell them where the suspect is. And a short time later, the suspects were caught.   (See how effective that was!)

I can tell you many criminals are happy about the encryption. They have said it many times, they can now commit crimes and literally walk away from the crime scenes and not have to worry about being caught, because of the encryption.

So mayor, how do you explain helping criminals using your own $6 million dollar technology to use against you and your departments?

Kinda ironic isn’t it… You pay millions to help those you are trying to catch, get away… 

But yet, the Mayor puts out a “challenge”  to help combat crime.

Well Mayor, I am not rocket scientist.  But just maybe, if you became transparent and opened the scanners back up again. You could have 150,000 eyes and ears to watch for suspects, instead of just approx. 30 from your officers…

You do the math: 30 or 150,000

Some will rebuttal with the whole officer safety thing.
And yes, that is EXACTLY WHY scanners should be un-encrypted.  BECAUSE OF OFFICER SAFETY!!!!

BEFORE ENCRYPTING: Last officer hurt of killed was Detective Rice in  the early 2000’s

All these years of unencrypting scanners and not an officer hurt or killed. For many years.

AFTER ENCRYPTING(last 5 years): 3 officers serious hurt, 2 of them are now dead…

So please explain how that is for “officer safety”?

So please explain how it is “more safe” for officers and the public, when criminals use the police encryption to their advantage to commit crimes and get away???  Because they know the can walk free down the roads after committing crimes and not have to worry about the community knowing what crimes they just committed, only the encrypted police that knows the suspects descriptions.

Rockford Mayor said this:
“Crime is our COMMUNITY’s challenge. We must ALL work together to make Rockford a safer place to live, work, play, go to school and operate a business. If we choose to be silent, it will only lead to more violence.”

Kind of ironic isn’t it?   He mentions the whole “silence” thing.

Well Mayor,  you and your police departments choose to be silent towards the community.  You should expect the community to be silent towards you as well.   The community leads by example…

Don’t let the mayor’s PR BS make you think he is trying to combat crimes. Because if he truely was trying to effectively combat crimes, he has all the means to do so, but CHOOSES not too. 

Because if the mayor and police really wanted to effectively combat crimes, they would involve the community and open the scanners and be transparent.

The police and mayor are trying to blame covid for the spike in crimes.

No, it is not COVID.  It is a community that is pissed off about you and your departments lack of transparency and lies. You can’t hide stuff from the public and expect them to “like you” and help effectively combat crimes and turn in criminals they know nothing about.

If someone hides and  lies to you, do you trust them?

Mayor:  To effectively combat crimes, you DO need the community’s help.  But you sure are not going to effectively combat crime until you un-encrypt the scanners and let the public know who to keep a look out for.  And you aren’t going to gain the publics trust back, until you become transparent and not lie to the public.

Sad the local media doesn’t have the balls to step up and say this truth.  But hey, the last few years the local media has shown their true colors…

Enough said…

All parties involved are innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law. We can only provide information that IS provided to us.  As you know, the local police encrypted and are not transparent. Some information may not be accurate. If there are any errors please let us know so we can try to possibly correct the errors.  Several people have asked questions, and we have tried to answer as many as possible on our FAQ page.  You can follow us on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook



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