Manhunt: Suspect crashes while fleeing from police in Winnebago County

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Manhunt: Suspect crashes while fleeing from police in Winnebago County

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Update: Thanks to our amazing sources. We have a generalized description now.  A Black male wearing White shirt and pants. After fleeing from the police, the White clothing has now become dirty. Last seen near Falconer, just South of the cemetery. The 2nd suspect description is a Black male approx 17 years old wearing all dark clothing. Police are using a drone to search for the suspects.  

Update as of 5:30 am:
Reports of over 20 officers have a perimeter set up in the area.   The last location police saw the suspect was near Weldon and 20, running southbound through the nearby cemetery. 

The suspect is still on the run. Police have not released any suspect information, not confirmed anything. 

Sources are reporting a major scene in Winnebago County.

It happened a little after 3 AM.

It began near the Winnebago corners, ssources said a vehicle fled from police near this location.

Shortly afterwards the vehicle crashed near state and Meridian..

The occupants then fled on foot in the area.

Several police from multiple agencies are on scene. They are using a police K-9 dog to track the suspect.

At the time of writing this  they have recovered the vehicle, but the suspect was still on the loose.

Police have not yet released any information nor have they confirmed anything.

This is obviously a dangerous situation for the nearby community. 

So if you live in this area,  you want to keep your doors and windows locked and report any suspicious activity.

If officials release any information will update this.

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