Local Teacher Posts On Social Media About The Heartbreaking Scene At Their School & Missing Their Students

“Look at how heart breaking this is. I just took this picture before I left work today. My task was to put personal items in bags, add a name tag with their student ID number and locker number, and then close them up to be returned to the students. The hallways is full of books, jackets, planners, folders, workout equipment, and some silly items like candy wrappers and things I cannot speak of on Facebook.

However, no matter how many THINGS are in these hallways, they remain feeling empty. They should be full of students making memories and setting themselves up for a lifetime of success. But now they have to do their part from home. And it is sad. I found sweet items like homecoming tickets, signs for basketball games, and really creative posters for classroom presentations.

It made me think of how far they have come, but also of how much they’ll miss. PROM tickets. SIGNS AT graduation. POSTERS, showing off which colleges they’ll be attending. When you hear the words “distant learning”, it is just that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that we are able to do this. It’s amazing that we are pulling together for the students and the community. But the word “distant” says it all.

I look forward to the day when I can hug my students again, take a picture with them at their ceremonies, or even be tumbled over by them in the halls because there are simply too many! Because too many is way better than none. 😔 RPS205 students – you hold a very special place in my heart. ♥️“

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