Head Out Of Your Phones, And Watch The Skies: Another Cool Sight in The Skies Over Winnebago County

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 A lot of people have their heads in their phones, to realize that there are some amazing sights to see in the skies over Winnebago County. 

Around 10 am this morning,
you probably heard the loud thumps of the military helicopters flying overhead. 

Three military blackhawk helicopters were flying in formation over the skies of Winnebago County. 

Unknown where they came from or where they were headed. 

Winnebago County has the National Guard stationed right up in Machesney Park. And the military uses the Rockford Airport to practice maneuvers and refuel and park their aircraft. 

From the reports that we are getting,
it sounds like they may have been headed to the National Guard in Machesney Park.
(But not confirmed)

They have exercises they practice on the weekends.

They use helicopters to transport our local heroes. 

If you were able to capture these helicopters on film,
share them us us at RockfordScanner@Gmail.com
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