Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Rockford Scanner’s FAQ page. Below you will find some answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

  • What is Rockford Scanner?   Rockford Scanner is the areas leading news website. We bring you news, events, plus much more
  • Who runs Rockford Scanner?  Rickie Traeger and several volunteers.
  • How do I submit a tip? Email us at
  • Can I follow you on social media?  Yes, click the following links to follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • Why do I not see a scene on your website?  Due to the police encryption these days, we rely heavily on fan reporting scenes to us. If we do not have it posted, usually means we are unaware of the scene. Please contact us and let us know!
  • Rockford Scanner have a Trademark?   Yes, we are officially trademarked! You can find it in the trademark database
  • Legal to listen to a police scanner?  Yes, It is legal to listen to a police scanner. It is however illegal to listen to a police scanner while committing a crime.
  • How do I volunteer for Rockford Scanner?  We are currently seeking volunteers for the following: Scanner listeners, photographers, article writers. If you are interested, email us!
  • Photographing police, is it legal?  Yes, it is legal to photograph police and scenes. If you do, keep in mind a few things. Stay on public property, do not get close to the 1st responders, do not interfere with the 1st responders, etc… An officer has to have a warrant to seize your equipment.  You do not have to delete your content. More information on the ACLU website    and at
  • Will you post something for me?   If you send it, we will review it and then decide.  Not everything that is sent to us is posted for various reasons. But we do try to post as much of it as we can.
  • Why can I not see my comment or someone else comment?  Social media, specifically Facebook has a spam filter. To weed out the spammers and other bad people. Your comment might have been flagged for spam and needs our review for it to be posted. That happens often.
  • I see an error on your website, How can I contact you to fix it?  As you know we are all human and do commit errors at times. Also, police have encrypted so the information we post is from various sources and may or may not be accurate. We post the information that is provided to us. We strive for accuracy! If you see something that is not right, contact us and let us know, please!
  • How was Rockford Scanner formed?