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Update:   We have been posting the FOIA content as articles, instead of individual pages on our website. 

You can check them ALL out at –  CLICK HERE

PENDING FOIA REQUESTS: We Submitted and are awaiting responses:


Here are some of the most recent FOIA requests and responses:



  •  Audio of Kody Walsh murder/police chase incident was approved but they said they did not have it. They said there is no audio 90 days after an incident. But DENY all audio requests in that 90 day period.  So it is impossible to get audio, according to the local police FOIA. (Also see below in the denials) 
  • They did approve the Kody Walsh  incident recall.  You can find that at CLICK HERE


  • They approved our FOIA request for the call logs, in describing what each description of the type of call meant in the call logs. Example: What types of calls fall under “medical assists”  But they never sent us the information.  ~ CLICK HERE
  • They approved and sent the information on the double murder suspect Terence Doddy. We are in the process of working on getting this up on our website. 
  • They approved and sent information on the murder suspect Jody Kossow, who stabbed her 8 year old son numerous times saying that Satan made her do it. We are in the process of getting this up on our website. 
  •  They approved and sent information on the quadruple murder at 3234 Montrose. Calvin Carter shot and killed Martia Flint (24), her two sons: Tyrone (6) and Tobias Smith (4) and Flint’s boyfriend Demontae Rhodes (24).  ~ CLICK HERE 
  • Murder of 18 year old Douglas Johnson at Rockton and Cameron in April 2014  ~ CLICK HERE
  • Fatal accident on N Second st in May 2014 ~ CLICK HERE 
  • Driveway Ordinance ~ CLICK HERE
  • Department Reporting Policies ~ Approved, and pending putting it up on the website here.


  • Officer Erik Thurmond case ~ CLICK HERE
  • Suspicious death of the Winnebago County Jail inmate Eugene Washington ~ CLICK HERE
  • They said ALL cold case files, FOIA requests will be denied
  • ANY audio communications from the police encrypted radios, they have denied.
    They said it is “Unduly Burdensome” 

  • Officer Involved fatal shooting on US 20 near Montague on February 6th 2019  ~ CLICK HERE 
  • Murder in the 3100 block of Prial ave ~ CLICK HERE
  • Treesa Lynette Wiley murder  Click Here & Click Here
  • Incident in the 1900 block of Midway involving Officer Kimberly Kiely  ~ Click Here 
  • Shots fired incident at Winnebago & Johnathon. Victims said they called the police numerous times over several hours to report the incident. And the police said they were not going to send an officer out to investigate, via the victims. We requested the audio to prove or disprove this, WITHIN the 90 days they say you have to request the audio time frame, and still denied ~ CLICK HERE



  • 1-6-2020: Total amount of medical assist calls in the city of Rockford. For 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016.
    (Only the total amount of medical assist calls for each year)


We are in the process of filing FOIA requests and adding new content to our website.

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