Freedom Of Information Act Requests

Below is some of the stuff we filed FOIA on and the Rockford Police approved.

We want to warn our viewers that what you will read, may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.


Click of the following links below, to read each FOIA for each case 


NoteWe will be adding more FOIA as they become available.
They have approved a few FOIA requests now. And we are working on getting those posted to our website as soon as possible.
So be sure to check back often. 

Filed Freedom Of Information Act Requests: 

  • Jody Kossow (Stabbed her son multiple times at 228 Woodrow st and said Satan made her do it, Sept 2013)    We filed the Freedom Of Information Act back in early 2018 and never heard back, so we re-filed it on 1/18/2018

Over the years Rockford Scanner has filed numerous Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)  requests. Rockford Police has denied all of them. Up until Summer 2018, all our requests were denied.
Then one day we contacted the Attorney General office and the Reporters Committee in regards to the RPD denying all of our requests. Then shortly afterwards, Rockford Police began to approve some of our FOIA requests.

I want to thank the Rockford Police for their hard work and dedication on gathering all the information and releasing it to us via our FOIA requests.