Find Out Just How Much Snow Is Expected



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Snow Is On The Way, Find Out Just How Much Is Expected…

Snow will develop this afternoon and continue into this evening, then taper off early Monday morning. A period of heavy snow is possible just after the snow begins, especially along and north of Interstate 80.

Untreated surfaces will likely become snow covered and slippery. The snow is expected to be wet as temperatures remain near freezing. Snow amounts will taper off to less than an inch south of the Illinois and Kankakee Rivers, where rain may mix with the snow.

Rockford Scanner note: This is expected to be the very wet and heavy snow. So please prepare ahead of time for power outages, snow removal, safety tips, etc…

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The National Weather Service has released the following information on the next several days. As you can see, it is about to warm up some!

When the snow begins to melt, there are going to be possible flooding issues.  To those of you that live along the rivers, this might be a good time to start preparing for the possibility of floods later on, when the snow melts.

Tips for Driving in the Snow

  • Stay home. Only go out if necessary. Even if you can drive well in bad weather, it’s better to avoid taking unnecessary risks by venturing out.
  • Drive slowly. Always adjust your speed down to account for lower traction when driving on snow or ice.
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Apply the gas slowly to regain traction and avoid skids. Don’t try to get moving in a hurry and take time to slow down for a stoplight. Remember: It takes longer to slow down on icy roads.
  • Increase your following distance to five to six seconds. This increased margin of safety will provide the longer distance needed if you have to stop.
  • Know your brakes. Whether you have antilock brakes or not, keep the heel of your foot on the floor and use the ball of your foot to apply firm, steady pressure on the brake pedal.
  • Don’t stop if you can avoid it. There’s a big difference in the amount of inertia it takes to start moving from a full stop versus how much it takes to get moving while still rolling. If you can slow down enough to keep rolling until a traffic light changes, do it.
  • Don’t power up hills. Applying extra gas on snow-covered roads will just make your wheels spin. Try to get a little inertia going before you reach the hill and let that inertia carry you to the top. As you reach the crest of the hill, reduce your speed and proceed downhill slowly.
  • Don’t stop going up a hill. There’s nothing worse than trying to get moving up a hill on an icy road. Get some inertia going on a flat roadway before you take on the hill.



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