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Editorial: The thing that personally has me bothered about this whole Covid-19 situation is our local government down right absolutely refuses to release vital information to the public.  So this has me and many others bothered for this crisis and other possible crisis’s in the future.

I personally feel that they should release the following vital information to the public, since they are soooooo worried about the Covid-19 and it spreading to others in the public.

Information such as: 

  • Who the person is.
  • Where the person has been recently. (Stores, businesses, etc…)
    These first 2 should be extremely vital to the public so we can take extra precautions!
  • Blood types
  • Any trends that make it spread faster or slow it down
  • Etc…

Yes, I understand HIPPA and all. But since they have labeled this a NATIONAL CRISIS, I personally feel that this vital information should be released to the public so those who have been potentially exposed to the confirmed victims can take even more safety precautions.  

I will say one of these cases is in a small town in Winnebago County.  This town many people have contact with one another. And this town is oblivious to knowing it is confirmed in their town and who this person is, when they are all in very close contact with one another. Because our government refuses to release this vital information.

Our local government has only said “IN Winnebago County”

I will not be posting the information on the small town, because the local government is already on my ass and they are the ones who need to be releasing this information to the public.

We have been told that there are some “essential workers”  who have it and are still working in the public.  Sources that are extremely credible have told us this. But again, the local government are silent and refuses to tell us. So we can’t confirm this. All hell has broke loose at the mere mention of it.

But our local government just down right refuses to provide this information.

How is hiding vital information to the public going to help this problem?
Only make it worse because the public looses more trust in our local government than they already have.

But with this local administration now, nothing surprises me these days………….

We have been told by very credible sources that many who have several symptoms they are refusing to test. Even when the victims are pleading to be tested.  Some have told us they weren’t able to be tested for insurance reasons. Others have said they wanted to be tested and had several symptoms but they weren’t patients of the place, so they refused to test them.  Sources told us the local government is only testing those who are pretty much on their death beds, and those are the only ones being tested. Because the local government wants to keep the numbers down, and not cause panic.

We have been told this numerous times from many sources, very reliable sources!

Our local hospitals and doctors are in desperate need of some PPE.  They have been wearing the same PPE for awhile in some cases.  There is a shortage in masks and other equipment.  But there is some positive news, we have been told some local businesses are stepping up and plan on donating some PPE!  HUGE shout out to those businesses who donate, if this is true!

Now I have a lawyer on my butt in relation to the Covid-19 thing.  They served me with a cease and desist letter recently.  And my 2 cents to this lawyer: You can sit and spin on a very sharp cactus. You want to bully me for providing information to the public and expressing the 1st amendment.  Then I will have no issues making EVERYTHING that has been told to me, public on this topic in the future. And show the public WHY we got this cease and desist letter    😉    You want to keep bullying me, then the public will know who you and your law firm are and so will the Bar Association. And we will file a thing with the ADRC. And we have already reached out to the ACLU as well.

I have been told several people have been pulled over by local police for not having a sticker or paper in their windows. And are being told to go home and in a few cases have been escorted home, because there was no sticker or paper in their window.

The Governor said that no-one has to have papers when they are out and about.


You can NOT be going to visit people or just driving around.

I have personally saw several people with papers in their windows, that are essential workers.

The Governor is saying one thing.  And then local government is doing another.   

So it is unclear if you have to have papers or not.

The CDC and the State of Illinois has some information on their websites
https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html and http://www.dph.illinois.gov/topics-services/diseases-and-conditions/diseases-a-z-list/coronavirus

  • Remember to stay at minimum 6 feet apart from each other.
  • Wash your hands
  • Clean and disinfect everything that people touch
  • Follow simple hygiene concepts
  • DO NOT go out in public, unless you absolutely have too.
  • Do not hoard items.
  • Remember this is a WE thing, not a ME thing……………

The local hospitals have put up tents in their parking lots.
Do not freak out when you see them. This is a SAFETY thing.

Now our Governor is having a Twitter battle with the President of the USA.

How is making the President mad at you going to help the people of Illinois???

I know one thing, if you make me mad then you are going to be the very last person I help.

You never, NEVER bite a hand that feeds you. 

But the Governor and the President are butting heads…

CALLING 911: During the COVID-19 outbreak,
The Rockford FD is changing the way they respond to certain medical calls. If you have a medical emergency, call 911. Depending on your symptoms, 911 dispatchers may instruct you to go outside, if you are able, when the ambulance arrives.

This was sent to me and I posted it the other day.  It was a joke, but I posted it to lighten things up some.


 I will first and foremost say most of this is based on my opinion and what RS sources have told me.
If anything is incorrect, I want to be corrected and I apologize.
So I want to make that very clear. 

If you have information on this, you can contact us at RockfordScanner@Gmail.com
We will keep you anonymous.

If you do not want to contact the police directly, you can contact us  and we will relay your information to the proper agencies if needed, and keep you anonymous. http://rockfordscanner.com/contact-us/

Disclaimer: As you know the local police have encrypted, have not released any information, etc…
They rarely ever do release information to the public, since encrypting. So do not expect any updates.

The information that is posted was provided to us via various sources. So we can not guarantee the accuracy of this article.

We can only provide you the information that IS provided to us. If police and/or officials do release information, we will try to update this.
If you know of any corrections or errors, please contact us.

This is for entertainment purposes only. 



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