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Why donate?  It costs Rockford Scanner to keep it going and free to the public.  The dedicated server alone costs several thousand dollars each year due to the amount of traffic. Plus maintenance fees on equipment such as PC’s, scanners, paper, legal fees, misc. office items, etc…  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated! Yes, we do have ads (What website doesn’t)  to help offset the fees a bit.

NEW: We also have started accepting inheritances, beneficiary, properties, wills, etc… 

Support Rockford Scanner

We hate to ask for donations, but it is the only alternative to keeping Rockford Scanner free to the public.  If we don’t get enough then we may have to seek the other alternative and make some of the website subscription based or something similar. We do not want to do that, that is why we are asking for donations. 



We need donations and sponsors because it actually costs money to do all this.

There are many costs involved in bringing the news to people. Instead of charging for a subscription, we accept donations and get a few cents from the ads on the website. There’s gas to drive to scenes, insurance, the camera equipment isn’t cheap either, there’s DSLR for the scenes, the lenses for the DSLR, body cameras for our reporters protection, scanners, our two way radios, dash cameras, website server rental, bandwidth for at home, the cellular bandwidth for the livestreams isn’t cheap either, and there’s probably a few I’m not thinking of while typing this.

In the end it costs most of us money to do this, but the donations and sponsorships help a lot.

I hope this helps explain why we have a few ads.

We feel this is a lot better option than requiring a subscription for people to read the news like this example below.