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Cold Case

Treesa Lynette Wiley

Treesa’s good friend Misha Dockins asked of we could do an article on her friends murder.

On the early morning hours of January 30th 2016 someone broke into the residence at 1305 Carbaugh ave in Rockford.

On Saturday January 30, 2016 approx. 2:05 a.m 35-Year-Old Treesa Lynette Wiley a teacher at a local daycare center, was spending the night at her friend’s house 30-Year-Old Kristal Scott, when someone broke into the residence and shot both the women. Kristal was shot and later recovered. Treesa Lynette Wiley unfortunately did not survive and passed away.

The person(s) responsible for this brutal crime had fled the scene.

“The suspect(s) kicked the door in and shot Treesa.  Kristal got up and ran to a nearby closet calling the police, and the suspect(s) shot her 6 times in the process and then the killer fled the scene.” said her friend who wanted to remain anonymous

Treesa Wiley was a graduate from Auburn High School in 1998 and a preschool teacher at House of Grace Learning Center and Daycare in Rockford.

A friend said  “I’ve called the detectives giving them information that I hear and I never get a return phone call. Treesa’s murder shocked many around the state line. She was mentally impaired and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She did not have one enemy in the 20+ years I was friends with her.  She was the most loyal and honest friend you could hope for.”

Note: We have filed a Freedom Of Information Act and are awaiting the results. 

Cold Case Treesa Lynette Wiley

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